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FactoryFix is elevating manufacturing work. We're making it easy to build a lucrative career in the industry so that we can still do big things.
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Why Work with Us

As a fast-growing company,
FactoryFix is a place where you can put your stamp on the foundation of our company and it's growth.

Our Operating Principles

Ask why

We're curious, obsessive over understanding the problem, willing to challenge and validate assumptions

Take ownership

We assume responsibility and focus on impact, frugally making the most of every resource

Make it easy

We're kind to our audience, build solid foundations for future work, and fight against unnecessary complexity

Perks and Benefits

Generous vacation

Take the time off you need

Equity benefit

Competitive pay and equity

Remote friendly

Have total autonomy to work from anywhere

Comprehensive health plans

Health and dental benefits for you and your family

Paid parental leave

12 weeks of leave for both parents

Join a Diverse, Global Team

Joining FactoryFix means becoming part of an organization that values great talent. We hire all over the world, and from a wide range of backgrounds, so that we can work with the best.

People Talk

I love working at FactoryFix, the team is very passionate about learning new technologies and always pushes me out of my comfort zone. The team is also really supportive and pushes forward into making a better product everyday!
Emiliano Sotomayor Gonzalez
Software Engineer
With FactoryFix you have a chance to work with smart people, learn new things, grow in your career, and all of these with excellent work-life balance.
Masha Ramos
UI Designer
One of my favorite parts about working for FactoryFix is learning everyday from the ideas and suggestions of my teammates. We are a "customer first" team and watching each member of the team help their customers reach their desired business objectives is something that is very rewarding.
Phil Martino
Director of Customer Success
I started at FactoryFix when we were just getting started and it is amazing to see how much we have grown and improved over the years. Being surrounded by forward-thinking people dedicated to solving an enormous issue in the manufacturing industry has been an irreplaceable experience.
Dan Simon
Senior Account Executive
Over the past year since I joined FactoryFix, the world has changed. The team here has navigated and even come out with growth when other companies have struggled to do so. The leadership here is top-notch. They come to employees with help solving big problems and are transparent with what is going well/not going well with the organization. FactoryFix is the perfect company for someone who wants to join a startup that has already found product/market fit and is now ready for explosive growth.
Alex Guggenberger
Growth Product Manager
The work here is always interesting and challenging. FactoryFix is a land of opportunity.
John Scheineson
Software Engineer

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