How can FactoryFix help?

FactoryFix connects companies to our network of skilled workers for flexible labor needs. We have found that our platform delivers 4 major value propositions:

1) A "bench of skilled talent" that you can easily ramp up and wind down to manage busy times.

2) An easy way to get projects done by bringing in skilled professionals that you may not have on your full-time staff.

3) A way to "try-out" a skilled worker part-time to see if a they are a good fit before you hire them full-time.

4) A way to expand your field service team, by using the FactoryFix network for service issues at your facility or your customer's.

What does FactoryFix cost?

There is no cost to make an account on FactoryFix. Your company only pays for the hours worked when you hire a skilled professional on FactoryFix. The hourly rates are determined by a number of factors including location, length of the gig, and type of position.

What positions can FactoryFix help with?

FactoryFix focuses on 15 advanced manufacturing positions, but we plan on adding to this list in the near future.

  1. Controls/Electrical Engineers
  2. Mechanical Engineers and Designers
  3. Robot Programmers
  4. Quality Engineers
  5. Tool & Die Designers
  6. Maintenance Mechanics
  7. Industrial Electricians
  8. Panel Builders
  9. Machine Builders
  10. Welders
  11. CNC Setup Machinists
  12. CNC Programmers
  13. Swiss CNC Machinists
  14. Manual Machinists
  15. Tool & Die Makers

Can FactoryFix help with positions that are not this list?

  • Yes, but it depends on the position. Talk to your account manager about the job and we will use our network to help you. 


Are the workers considered employees of FactoryFix?

No, the skilled workers in the FactoryFix network are independent contractors. FactoryFix provides a company-in-a-box solution for the people in our network by assisting them with billing, payments, insurance, and other administrative tasks.

Can I hire a skilled worker as my employee?

Yes, if both sides are in agreement and a job offer is accepted we don’t stand in your way! We just charge a simple one-time conversion fee and you have a new valuable team member.

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