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Intelligent Matching

Through our advanced technology, you’ll receive smarter matches down to the machine and brand level. Find talent that will hit the ground running.

Engaged Candidates

Post a job and get applicants within minutes. We automatically engage and screen talent, so you can move quickly and keep production moving.

Automated Outreach

We automatically engage applicants via SMS and email, so your recruiters can do more with less. Connect with great talent in a matter of minutes.

Streamlined Interview Scheduling

Schedule interviews in minutes, not days. Invite applicants to phone, video, and on-site interviews via TalentText. Let candidates book a time when you’re free.

Custom Screening

Automated screening questions vet candidates for your specific needs. Spend less time wading through bad applications. Focus only on the best of the best.

Move Faster, Together

Collaborate with your hiring team to hire top talent. Ensure everyone knows what’s up, what’s next and what’s left to do.

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Quotation Mark
We find FactoryFix gives us an advantage. They take care of the time consuming work of finding and screening skilled workers.
Matthew Rassi, Operations Manager | FC Lighting
Quotation Mark
I have to say, FactoryFix is the only recruiting organization that has brought good talent to the table. I have tried three others over the past 10 years and they failed miserably.
Zane Kennedy , President | Kent Machine
Quotation Mark
In manufacturing, the biggest challenge is finding workers. FactoryFix gets us 15x more applicants than before.
Allways Precision
Quotation Mark
FactoryFix acts as an extension of our office and completely handles the hiring process for us from the search of new talent to the organization of interviews.
Alex Roake, Operations Manager | Tomenson Machine Works
Pre-screening is done ahead of time, so it’s is saving me a ton of time. I go into the platform and know that the candidates that I’m going to look at have been already pre-screened. I also really like the ability to text directly with the candidates.
Stephanie Elliott, HR Manager
G&L Tube