Human support to engage with applicants within 24 hours and schedule interviews for you

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FactoryFix Plus+
FactoryFix Plus+ is a turn-key recruitment solution for manufacturing industry HR professionals who manage multiple priorities from recruitment to payroll.

We combined FactoryFix’s industry-leading talent network & automated matching technology with a human recruiting assistant to help you through each step of your pre-interview process. Get the sourcing, screening, and scheduling support your need to move as fast as the market does.

An Extension of Your Team

FactoryFix Plus+ adds a recruiting assistant to your team. It's perfect for HR teams that have other stuff going on outside of recruiting, but don't want to spend money on expensive recruiting agencies.

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The Staffing Agency Replacement

"I'm letting go of my temp recruiter and going to be relying on you guys... I just feel like with you guys I know what you're doing, I see it, you send it to me, I follow up and I have the calls. So I'm transferring the business to you guys... I just think it's great what you guys are doing. If you can pull this off and do the recruiting just like when I'm paying someone else to do it, but you're taking it on, sourcing candidates, screening them, talking to them, reminding them. And then once we get to the offer letter, we take it from there. That can really work. And I think you've got a game changer there."

Christine Sompel

Manager, Human Resources Operations (USA)

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