Building the Workforce that
Makes Our World

Our Mission

Manufacturing has a labor problem. Skilled talent has never been tougher to find. Stagnating wages have driven workers to other industries, while the rise of automation is driving more jobs to be highly skilled.

We’re building the industry’s largest marketplace, connecting skilled professionals with opportunities to earn more while developing their skills and manufacturers with the right people to get the job done.

Our Founder

Patrick O’Rahilly


After graduating from Arizona State University, Pat founded Compass Automation, an industrial automation company that provided customized integration services of industrial robots and automation equipment.

At Compass Automation, he grew frustrated at the constant struggle to hire skilled labor and manage a flexible workforce to meet demand. After selling the company, he started FactoryFix to solve this problem once and for all.

Our Sales Team

Our industry experience makes our team uniquely qualified to help manufacturing companies find skilled professionals that can hit the ground running. We live to make every part of the hiring process more efficient!

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