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Automated Screening that Delivers Qualified and Engaged Candidates
Our platform saves you time by automating the menial recruiting tasks so you can focus on more important things.
Automated Screening
We'll only send you candidates that are qualified and responsive
Candidate Scoring
We'll let you know which candidates are the best fit for your job
Easy Messaging
Send messages via TalentText and get the interview scheduled
Game Changing Pricing
Turn unpredictable recruitment and hiring costs into an affordable fixed monthly price
Low Monthly Fee
Subscription fee is based on number of jobs you post. Price per job decreases when adding more jobs.
Unlimited Hires Included for Each Job.
No additional markups or fees per hire. Employ best candidates!
Interchangeable Job Slots
Change of plans? Jobs can be swapped out at any time.
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We find FactoryFix gives us an advantage. They take care of the time consuming work of finding and screening skilled workers.
Matthew Rassi, Operations Manager | FC Lighting
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I have to say, FactoryFix is the only recruiting organization that has brought good talent to the table. I have tried three others over the past 10 years and they failed miserably.
Zane Kennedy , President | Kent Machine
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In manufacturing, the biggest challenge is finding workers. FactoryFix gets us 15x more applicants than before.
Allways Precision
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FactoryFix acts as an extension of our office and completely handles the hiring process for us from the search of new talent to the organization of interviews.
Alex Roake, Operations Manager | Tomenson Machine Works