Freelance Gigs, On Your Own Terms

FactoryFix connects you to local manufacturing projects and jobs that require your unique experience. We send opportunities to your inbox, you accept whenever you're interested in working.


Create An Online Profile

We'll make you a great online profile that includes skills, experience, and brand expertise.


Find Local Opportunities

We send you opportunities from local companies that need your skills. Accept if your interested.


We Handle Insurance

We'll set you up with worker's comp insurance so that you can save money and focus on the job.


Get Paid Every Week

Simply keep track of your hours in the FactoryFix mobile app and get funds deposited into your account every week.

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How FactoryFix Works

1) Manufacturers come to FactoryFix for help with skilled labor gaps.

2) We send you opportunities that match your skills and expertise.

3) You respond if you're available and interested in the gig.

4) You show up for work. We'll handle the insurance and pay you weekly.

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Why should I signup for FactoryFix?

There are many reasons to join our network. Here are the most popular:

1) You want to become a full-time freelancer and work gigs on your own terms. You're sick of the traditional 9-5 job and you're not interested in working for the same company for your whole career. The gig-economy movement is here! 

2) You have a full-time job already but want to earn extra income by working side-gigs that match your skills. 

3) You have a full-time job but you are open to trying out other opportunities on the side to see if they are a better fit for you and your career.

4) You are semi-retired but want to stay in the game and work part-time gigs when you feel like it.


There are many advantages to becoming a freelancer on FactoryFix, here are a few off the top of our head:

1) Flexibility. FactoryFix allows you to work when and where you want. We send gig opportunties to your inbox, you only respond to the ones that you are interested in. There is no obligation to take a specific job.

2) More Money. FactoryFix's hourly rates are above market rates and take the location and length of the job into account. Since you are a freelancer on FactoryFix, we don't take out the taxes, which is good for you because the new tax law that was passed in early 2018 is advantageous to freelancers.

3) No Paperwork. FactoryFix handles the time sheets, approvals, billing, insurance, and payments for you. Simply focus on what you do best and we'll take care of the rest!

How do I get paid on FactoryFix?

Once you get hired for a gig on FactoryFix, we'll set you up for a weekly direct deposit. Simply keep track of your hours in your FactoryFix account and you will get paid for those hours the following week! 

How is workers comp handled?

If you already have a workers comp policy, we will ask you for a certificate. If not, no worries! FactoryFix will help set you up with our insurance partner. There is no upfront cost.

Does it cost anything to join FactoryFix?

No, there is no cost to join our network! Simply apply and once you are approved, you will start to receive gig opportunities that match your skills! 

How are the hourly rates determined?

FactoryFix's algorithm determines the hourly rate for a gig using a number of factors including location, length of the gig, and type of skilled position.