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Candidates on the FactoryFix platform are actively vetted, matched based on experience, and prescreened to ensure a good fit.
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Join top manufacturers already leveraging:
50% less
cost per hire
4x faster
to fill positions
10x more
qualified candidates

100,000+ Manufacturing Workers

Qualified workers for any job in your facility
Personalized Support
Consider us a part of your team. From vetting the right candidates to proactively building a pipeline, we’ll be there to help every step of the way.
Factory Fix acts as an extension of our office and completely handles the hiring process for us from the search of new talent to the organization of interviews.
Alex Roake, Operations Manager | Tomenson Machine Works
Lightning-Fast Hiring
Our platform streamlines the hiring process by handling interview scheduling, offer letters, background checks, and more!
We find FactoryFix gives us an advantage. They take care of the time consuming work of finding and screening skilled workers.
Matthew Rassi, Operations Manager | FC Lighting
Get Better Matches
We match you with skilled workers that have experience in the exact machines and technologies on your factory floor.
In manufacturing, the biggest challenge is finding workers. FactoryFix gets us 15x more applicants than before.
Allways Precision

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