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FactoryFix matches highly skilled professionals with jobs that fit their skills, and we connect manufacturers with qualified workers such as CNC machinists, programmers, welders, designers, maintenance techs, and more!

And we don’t stop once the match is made. We make managing hours, payments, and insurance easy so that you can focus on the job at hand.

Through the industry’s largest marketplace, we’re improving the lives of skilled professionals and helping manufacturers find the people who will get the job done.
The top skilled workers are in high demand due to the skills gap. We believe you should be thriving! FactoryFix aims to support you by informing you about market pay rates, connecting you to better jobs and side-gigs, and training you on skills for future opportunities.
We know how hard it is to find and hire skilled talent in today’s climate. It’s hard work to post jobs, build a network, screen resumes, interview candidates, schedule interviews, make offers, etc, etc, etc... Now you can relax because FactoryFix does this all for you.

We Understand

Our deep manufacturing expertise experience makes us uniquely qualified to help manufacturing companies find skilled professionals that can hit the ground running. We built this platform to make every part of the hiring process more efficient!

We’re able to hone in on the best workers and companies and make better matches. We screen down to the machine level. No matter what machines and brands you’re working with, we’ve got you covered.
Why Workers and Companies Love FactoryFix

We find FactoryFix gives us an advantage. They take care of the time consuming work of finding and screening skilled workers.
Matthew Rassi
Operations Manager, FC Lighting
Great company! FactoryFix helped place me in a great position with a great employer. Super quick and easy.
Electrical Engineer /
Manufacturing recruitment needs an espresso shot of modernization. FactoryFix is the rock star barista you should order from.
Dimitrios Saranteas
Business Process Engineer, Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center