Endless ready-to-talk manufacturing talent

Always have more applicants in the pipeline with 1 million+ manufacturing pros, nonstop job promotion, and AI-powered messaging.

The savvy recruiter's secret to endless ready-to-talk talent

Always have another candidate for that hard-to-please hiring manager with 700K+ manufacturing pros, nonstop job promotion, and AI-powered screening

Reach every candidate in your area

The best talent isn’t all in one place. With FactoryFix's one-stop sourcing engine, you can connect with the best manufacturing talent no matter where they are. We'll tirelessly promote your job across the web and deliver a steady stream of engaged applicants.

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The largest pool of manufacturing candidates anywhere

We keep tabs on industry talent so you don’t have to. Easily search through 1 million+ candidates with 10K added each week. Find the perfect fit with advanced skill and availability filters.

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A steady stream of engaged applicants

We instantly start a text thread with each applicant to warm them up for you. Get faster responses from more candidates with unlimited text messaging. And our AI-assist keeps candidates engaged so that they don’t ghost during a long hiring process.

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"85% of people that have applied through FactoryFix are new candidates for us. We’re reaching a totally different audience. And, of those, they’ve already made it through screening too. They’re solid candidates as opposed to 155 people that don’t have experience.”

Marlin Smith
HR Director, ConMet

Frequently Asked Questions

How many applicants do jobs get through FactoryFix?

On average, jobs get 10 applications each week they’re live on FactoryFix.

How are you different from major job boards and staffing agencies?

We go much further than just posting jobs in a single feed and burying you under unqualified applicants. We promote your job nonstop across the web and our talent pool, qualify applicants with AI-powered screening, and give you a comprehensive view of the entire talent market.

Where do you distribute job postings?

Jobs are distributed to top job boards, through partners like the National Association of Manufacturers and select trade schools, and our talent pool of manufacturing candidates.

What types of candidates can I find on FactoryFix?

We focus on manufacturing workers for all industries, from machinists and welders to production supervisors and engineers. We keep tabs on all talent across the industry so you don’t have to.

How do you build your talent pool?

We work with a variety of data partners to keep constant tabs on workers in the industry, adding 10K new profiles each week.