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Keep your shop humming with our extensive database of over 30,418 qualified Maintenance Technicians (with more added each week). Advanced skill breakdowns make it easy to identify candidates with experience in the exact machines and technologies at your facilities.

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Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), Servo Motors,Variable Frequency Drives (VFD), Conveyor Systems, PLC Troubleshooting Skills, Mechanical Troubleshooting Skills, Electrical Troubleshooting Skills, Machine Safety Inspections, Hydraulics Experience, Creating Preventive Maintenance Plans


Aerospace, Automotive, Chemical Manufacturing, Electronics, Food & Beverage, Foundry, Medical Devices, Industrial Distributors, Metal & Machinery Fabrication, Metal Services & Distribution, Oil & Gas, Packaging, Plastics Manufacturing, Printing, Warehousing/Logistics, Woodworking

The largest pool of automotive talent anywhere

We keep tabs on industry talent so you don’t have to. Easily search through 900K+ candidates with 10K added each week. Find the perfect fit with advanced skill and availability filters.

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The best candidates aren’t all in one place. With FactoryFix's one-stop sourcing engine, you’ll get the attention of manufacturing talent no matter where they are. We'll tirelessly promote your job across the web and deliver a steady stream of engaged applicants.

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Time-consuming screening calls cost recruiting teams precious hours every week. Our AI-powered screening automatically gathers the important details from high volumes of applicants so you have all the information you need upfront.

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We instantly start a text thread with each applicant to warm them up for you. Get faster responses from more candidates with unlimited text messaging. And our AI-assist keeps candidates engaged so that they don’t ghost during a long hiring process.

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“With Indeed I was going through resumes 25 hours a week. Now with FactoryFix, it's 5 hours. And now most of the time I'm doing interviews with applicants. So, instead of just looking at their resumes, I'm actually getting to interview people and offer people jobs.”

Samantha Mullholand
Human Resources, Hanon Systems

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"85% of people that have applied through FactoryFix are new candidates for us. We’re reaching a totally different audience. And, of those, they’ve already made it through screening too. They’re solid candidates as opposed to 155 people that don’t have experience.”

Marlin Smith
HR Director, ConMet

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