Efficient Operations teams simplify hiring with FactoryFix

Streamline recruiting and build a high-performing team with nonstop job promotion across the internet, AI-powered text messaging and screening, and 1 million+ manufacturing candidates at your fingertips.

The savvy recruiter's secret to endless ready-to-talk talent

Always have another candidate for that hard-to-please hiring manager with 700K+ manufacturing pros, nonstop job promotion, and AI-powered screening

Tap into the largest pool of qualified manufacturing candidates

Keep your shop humming with our extensive database of over 1 million+ skilled manufacturing professionals (with 10K added each week). Advanced skill breakdowns make it easy to identify candidates with experience in the exact machines and technologies at your facilities.

Browse candidates

Reduce your time to hire with efficient, AI-powered recruitment

Save time and focus on what matters most. FactoryFix's AI-driven text messaging and screening systems help you quickly identify and engage the right candidates, simplifying the hiring process and leaving you more time to optimize production.

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No more juggling expensive job boards and agencies

Candidates with the right skills aren’t all in one place. With FactoryFix's one-stop sourcing engine, you can connect with the best manufacturing talent no matter where they are. We'll tirelessly promote your job across the web, maximizing your flow of great candidates without the hassle and cost of traditional job boards and agencies.

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“Before FactoryFix, I used Indeed and I didn’t like it as much. The best part about FactoryFix is that (my lead HR recruiter) can easily see which applicant I’m providing or requesting feedback on in your notes section. You allow me the recruiter and the applicant to have our own conversation between each other, without too much intervention from the platform itself. That's what I really appreciate about it.”

Thomas Ramirez
Plant Operations, Sipi Metals

“With Indeed I was going through resumes 25 hours a week. Now with FactoryFix, it's 5 hours. And now most of the time I'm doing interviews with applicants. So, instead of just looking at their resumes, I'm actually getting to interview people and offer people jobs.”

Samantha Mullholand
Human Resources, Hanon Systems

“Our goal is to close reqs within 40 days (which is the average) and with FactoryFix's Talent Search I've been able to close them in 14 days.”

Tierra Walker
Talent Acquisition Partner, DZConnex|PPG

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Operations teams use FactoryFix?

Operations teams use FactoryFix to simplify hiring for manufacturing roles. Our one-stop sourcing engine connects them with top talent, while AI-powered screening and automated texting keep candidates engaged. This streamlines the hiring process, leaving Operations teams more time to optimize production.

What types of candidates can I find on FactoryFix?

We focus on manufacturing workers for all industries, from machinists and welders to production supervisors and engineers. We keep tabs on all talent across the industry so you don’t have to.

How does FactoryFix ensure the quality of candidates?

Our platform is designed to focus on skilled manufacturing professionals. We regularly update our database, and our advanced filters help you narrow down candidates based on their skills and experience, ensuring you find the right match for your needs. Our AI-powered screening automatically gathers the important details from high volumes of applicants so you have all the information you need to make a decision upfront.

What are the costs associated with using FactoryFix?

We offer transparent pricing plans tailored to your needs and designed to make costs predictable and easy to manage.You can hire as many people as you need for the same job at no additional cost. We only charge you for your subscription and any additional job slots and Talent Search credits you decide to add.

Can I collaborate with my team on FactoryFix?

Yes, you can have an unlimited number of FactoryFix team members, so you can collaborate with your team to find the right candidates.

Can FactoryFix integrate with my applicant tracking system?

Yes, Enterprise plan subscribers can explore integration options with FactoryFix. Chat with our sales team to learn more.