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A factory worker at his job considers a new manufacturing job

3 Signs It’s Time to Find a New Manufacturing Job

While any job comes with its challenges, it's important to know when it's time to look for new opportunities. FactoryFix highlights the top 3 signs to seek a career change.

Have you been thinking about looking for a new job in manufacturing? You’ve come to the right place. If you’ve been considering switching jobs or careers, there’s never been a better time. According to The National Association of Manufacturing, an estimated 4 million manufacturing jobs will be needed by 2030. This means there’s a huge opportunity for anyone on the hunt for a job in manufacturing. 

If you’re new to the job search, it can feel overwhelming. Lucky for you, FactoryFix is here to help. We break down how you can identify when the time is right to begin the job search. 

1. Your Current Job No Longer Challenges You

It can happen to anyone after a while. The excitement of getting used to a new job with new procedures and policies wears off. Once that honeymoon period is over, you stop feeling like you’re learning anything or growing. 

Sometimes this can happen, causing a lack of growth in your career. Maybe there just aren’t opportunities for promotion and career advancement at your current company, which means you’re doing the same repetitive tasks every day. This can be a big sign that it’s time to move on. But if you love the company you work for and aren’t ready to leave just yet, talk to your supervisor to figure out if you can take on new responsibilities or even move to a new position in an area you’re interested in. Or, if change feels necessary, looking for a new job could allow you to grow the potential you know you have.

2. Your Pay Hasn’t Increased in Years 

If you’ve asked for a raise numerous times and been told there isn’t the budget or that it’s not the right time, you may want to find a new opportunity somewhere else. Especially if you feel that the work you put in every day isn’t being valued or fairly compensated. You deserve to work somewhere that treats you well and makes you feel like an important part of the team. 

Similarly, if you’ve expressed your interest in being promoted but have continuously gotten passed, it’s time to move on to greener pastures. Just make sure when you’re interviewing for your next job, you ask about growth opportunities and internal promotion processes. 

3. Your Work Day is a Drag Each Day

We’ve all had a case of the “Sunday Scaries”—that feeling of anxiety and dread before the new work week—at least a few times, which is normal. But, if those feelings escalate and you wake up every day dreading work, that’s never a good sign. You might even spend the majority of your time  at home with those anxious feelings gnawing at the back of your mind when you should be relaxing. Trust your gut. Those feelings are a clear sign that you’re unhappy and should be looking for work somewhere else. 

Starting the Job Search  

Now that we’ve identified when you should begin the job search, we’ll walk you through what to do next. If you’re trying to make a career pivot into manufacturing or maybe into a different career in manufacturing, it can be challenging to figure out which job would be the best fit for you. Our Career Paths hub can help you clear that up by describing the skills and typical experiences for common manufacturing job titles. 

When you’ve cleared that up, check out job listings on our job board. If you feel like you’ve looked through countless listings and your head is swimming, our Career Coach can help match you with jobs tailored to your skills and career goals. FactoryFix is the best place to start when skilled professionals like you want to carve out a career path for themselves. We’ll help you build the future of your dreams.