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3 Ways to Use AI and Automation for Faster Manufacturing Recruitment

AI and automation are transforming talent acquisition, enabling manufacturing HR professionals to accelerate their recruitment process. Automated candidate screening, text recruiting and streamlined interview scheduling are three ways AI and automation can help. In this blog, you'll learn how these tools can save you time, reduce unconscious bias and help you engage top talent before they go off the market.

AI and automation are transforming the talent acquisition process—and we’re talking about more than just having ChatGPT write some emails. According to Deloitte’s most recent Global Human Capital Trends, 2023 recruiting trends include powering human impact with technology, as “[f]orward-leaning organizations are exploring how to use technology in ways that encourage humans both to be their best selves and to do better work.”

Here are three ways HR professionals can use AI and automation technology to accelerate their recruitment process. 

1. Use Automated Candidate Screening to Identify the Best Candidates Faster

Just because someone applies for a position doesn’t mean they have the right qualifications. But poring through applications to determine the quality of candidates can take hours, days or even weeks. Automation can be your best friend here. The right technology can help you identify top talent by pre-screening candidates to determine whether they meet the basic requirements of your open position. Using the right tech to pre-screen candidates will save you time and ensure you never miss out on good workers. That way, you can focus communicating and discussing next steps with qualified talent.

Another advantage to using technology is that if done right, it can reduce unconscious human bias. By automating screening, you may find that your candidate pool immediately has greater diversity in terms of gender, race, age, background and other characteristics. 

2. Contact Candidates Faster With Automated Screening and Text Recruiting

It’s no surprise that—across industries—the best job candidates are off the market in just 10 days. And with an ongoing labor shortage in the manufacturing industry, you might find that the candidates you want are snapped up even sooner. One of the best and most effective ways to make sure you’re not missing out on top talent is to reduce time to hire by speeding up the hiring process, starting from the moment a candidate submits their application.

How? By using AI-powered text recruiting, you can quickly engage candidates and start a conversation within minutes of their application. Quickly contacting applicants demonstrates your interest and efficiency. It’s critical to remember that consistent communication throughout the interview process is essential to keeping candidates engaged. Regular check-ins and updates on the hiring process go a long way toward showing potential employees that your company is committed to them.

3. Engage Candidates Faster by Streamlining Interview Scheduling

We’ll say it: scheduling interviews for candidates can be a drag. It requires coordination, communication and often compromise. Given how busy your HR staff are, asking them to go back and forth (and back and forth) to find a good time for an interview is a time-consuming (and frustrating) order. But what can you do? 

Optimize your candidate interview process by streamlining scheduling with AI-powered technology. Automated prompts to help you quickly identify available times and schedule interviews in minutes can results in fewer headaches for you and your team. Setting up an interview quickly is an important factor in securing qualified talent—top-tier candidates want to know that your company recognizes their value, and you want to move things along quickly. The faster your team can reach out to qualified candidates and start the hiring process, the higher the odds that you’ll bring those candidates on board.

The right technology should also help you in the days (or weeks) leading up to your candidate interviews. With a partner like FactoryFix, you can rely on our AI to communicate with candidates the details of their upcoming interview, send a confirmation message the day before to ensure they are still available for the interview and check-in with them on the day of their interview to see if they have any last-minute questions. 

When you understand how to optimize your company’s job recruitment process, you can shorten the hiring cycle and hire better talent. Using the right AI automation tools can help you save time and money, avoid human bias and interview the best candidates before someone else does. That’s a win-win-win.