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5 Ways the Best Recruiters Are Like Great Salespeople

This blog post outlines the qualities manufacturing recruiters can learn from successful salespeople. It emphasizes the importance of being personable, helping job seekers, listening to candidates, tailoring messages and maintaining engagement.

While the number of job openings in the U.S. has fallen, there were still 1.6 open jobs for every unemployed person as of March 2023. That puts recruiters in the position of trying to sell their roles to a limited number of available candidates. And while some salespeople have given their colleagues a bad name through high-pressure tactics, truly gifted salespeople display a few qualities that would be worth it for manufacturing recruiters to consider emulating. 

1. They’re personable.

No one wants to do business with a salesperson who comes across as sleazy or purely transactional. Great salespeople start by establishing a rapport with their customers and helping them feel comfortable. 

Similarly, for most candidates, recruiters are their first contacts at the company—and the most visible face of the business. They should aim to be approachable and easy to talk to, putting applicants at ease and providing a positive candidate experience from the start.

2. They focus on how they can help.

As motivational speaker Brian Tracy once said, salespeople should approach each person not aiming to sell something but rather to help their customers “solve a problem or achieve a goal.”

Manufacturing recruiters should likewise focus on helping job seekers find rewarding work at their company. It’s important to succinctly explain what their company does to provide safe working conditions, job security and advancement opportunities—which add up to a satisfying long-term career.


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3. They listen.

Salespeople can’t help their customers until they know what they want. That makes listening more important than talking when closing a sale. 

Recruiters should ask manufacturing candidates questions not only about their qualifications but also about their preferences and non-negotiables—and listen intently to the answers to determine whether their company can meet those needs or wants.

4. They tailor their message to their audience.

Not everyone is inspired by the same pitch, so great salespeople are adaptable. 

Recruiters should emphasize aspects of their company’s employer brand that speak to each individual candidate. So, if a candidate left their last job because they felt isolated and disrespected as a member of an underrepresented demographic, the recruiter should focus on how their company fosters diversity, equity and inclusion

5. They stay in touch.

The best salespeople make their customers feel like friends, not notches in their belt. Part of that comes from staying in touch throughout the sales journey. 

Recruiters should similarly establish and maintain engagement with candidates throughout the recruitment process, sending regular updates and making themselves available to answer questions and address concerns. 

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Great recruiters—like great salespeople—are made, not born. By honing their skills in these five areas, your team can convince promising applicants to become outstanding new employees. 

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