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85% More Candidates and 50% Less Time: How This HR Director Overcame Recruiting Roadblocks with FactoryFix

FactoryFix revolutionized Conmet's hiring process by providing a vast talent network, streamlining screening through automated SMS technology, and significantly improving the speed, quality, and efficiency of their recruitment efforts.


Marlin Smith was dealing with a hiring crisis. As an HR director at Consolidated Metco (Conmet), finding qualified manufacturing candidates proved to be difficult. Traditional recruitment methods were not yielding results. However, everything changed when Marlin started using FactoryFix. Since then, he has experienced an 85% increase in pre-qualified candidates, reduced hiring time by 50%, and significantly improved hire quality. FactoryFix has made a significant difference for Marlin and his team.

The Challenge: Life Before FactoryFix:

Before adopting FactoryFix, Conmet grappled with numerous challenges in their hiring process. They were receiving applications from individuals across different sectors, from retail to food service. Unfortunately, these candidates often struggled with the unique demands of a manufacturing job, such as the rigorous schedule and physical work involved. This mismatch resulted in time and resources being expended on unsuitable candidates. It was clear that a more efficient method of sourcing and selecting candidates was required. 

The Solution: FactoryFix's Approach

FactoryFix entered the picture, offering a game-changing solution for Conmet's hiring issues. With FactoryFix’s talent network of over 900k manufacturing professionals, the hiring process saw an influx of suitable candidates - as Marlin recounts, "85% of the candidates that applied through the platform were new candidates, and they all came prequalified with relevant manufacturing experience." 

The benefits didn't stop at an enhanced candidate pool. FactoryFix also offered an attentive support system for Conmet. This support took the form of assistance in candidate tracking, ensuring smooth communication between the company and potential employees. The result was a streamlined hiring process that felt like having an additional recruiting team at their disposal. 

Conmet also had access to a crucial feature: FactoryFix's Automated SMS screening technology, which qualifies candidates through text message screener questions. By presenting these questions as texts, this method has proven to be a more efficient means of screening candidates. In fact, candidates are 80% more likely to respond to text messages compared to emails. Marlin agrees, stating, "Thanks to FactoryFix's screening process, we attract engaged candidates who are genuinely seeking great opportunities, as opposed to just any job." These features have yielded tangible results in Marlin's recruitment process. 

The Impact of FactoryFix:

The introduction of FactoryFix brought a wave of positive changes for Conmet. They were able to cut their hiring process time in half, enabling quicker onboarding of skilled workers and reducing the operational strain on the HR team. Additionally, they saw a substantial improvement in the quality of their hires which directly impacted their team's productivity and company performance. FactoryFix helped Conmet to go from a reactive hiring strategy to a proactive one, allowing them to keep up with the ever-changing demands of their industry. This enabled them to remain competitive in their market and proactively source top talent for their organization.

Marlin Smith's confidence in meeting the company's hiring needs has surged with FactoryFix. So much so, he's begun recommending the platform to others, saying, "I've had that conversation several times. I’m on a few HR committees around the Charlotte area, and when we talk about recruiting, I'm thankful that I can tell a good story."

Could FactoryFix be Your Solution?

If your manufacturing company is facing hiring hurdles similar to those of Conmet, FactoryFix could provide the solution you're looking for. This platform goes beyond being just a recruiting tool. It connects you with pre qualified candidates, streamlines your hiring process, and offers support to manage your hiring effectively.

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