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FactoryFix vs. Traditional Recruiting Platforms: How this TA Director had Instant Success in Finding Qualified Applicants with FactoryFix

Facing recruiting challenges in their niche manufacturing industry Grand Prairie Foods, a food company in Sioux Falls, saw immediate improvements in applicant quantity and quality when they switched from traditional job boards to FactoryFix.


Finding the right talent is a challenge for any company, but it's particularly tough in niche industries like food manufacturing. That's where Grand Prairie Foods found themselves before partnering with FactoryFix. Situated in Sioux Falls, SD, a location known for its limited local talent pool in manufacturing, they faced an extra layer of complexity. They had spent months posting on various job sites with lackluster results. Then they took FactoryFix for a test drive and everything changed.

Before FactoryFix: The Struggle is Real

Prior to discovering FactoryFix, Grand Prairie Foods had been relying on general job posting platforms like Ziprecruiter and Indeed. Despite spending considerable time and money on these platforms, they were disappointed with both the volume and quality of applicants they received.

"We posted on Ziprecruiter for six months and then on We were spending a lot of money but still wouldn't get the volume and the quality," says the director of talent acquisition and development at Grand Prairie Foods.

The FactoryFix Difference: Immediate Impact

When the company decided to try FactoryFix, they immediately noticed a difference. Within the initial two-week trial, they saw an uptick in both the quantity and quality of applicants, even attracting candidates willing to relocate to Sioux Falls.

"We got a ton of great candidates. I had to pinch myself. I couldn't believe how many were local and had the food manufacturing background we were looking for," the director adds.

Standout Features: Saving Time and Effort

Metrics: Night and Day

While it's too early to speak to long-term metrics, the short-term numbers are promising. "The number of people that we’ve gotten through qualified for the first interview, second interview and possible offer is night and day," says the director.

Conclusion: A Partner in Talent Acquisition

FactoryFix is not just a tool for Grand Prairie Foods; it's a partner in their talent acquisition journey. "I've told quite a number of people that are in similar positions about FactoryFix," says the talent acquisition director.

With its unique focus on manufacturing professionals and highly effective AI-powered features, FactoryFix has dramatically improved the talent acquisition process at Grand Prairie Foods — even making their Sioux Falls location less of a bottleneck in sourcing talent. And they couldn't be happier about it.