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Customer Guest Blog: Gearing Up for 2024 Hiring Success

As hiring slows in December, smart companies are getting ready for big Q1 hiring surges. Here are 5 tips to end 2023 strong and set up your recruiting teams to crush it in 2024.


Kristi Lisbon - Director, RPO Service Delivery - Aspirant

Grace Kraemer - Recruitment Marketing Lead - Aspirant

As Mike Schaefer, Sr. VP Revenue at Factory Fix, mentioned in an article on November 15th, hiring volumes often wane for many manufacturers in December.  Q4 budgets are tight and/or hiring managers and teams are on holiday leave.  As recruiting slows, organizations have an opportunity to engage candidates proactively. Talent acquisition and recruitment marketing teams should partner to plan and create content that builds engagement and interest in anticipation of 2024 Q1 hiring surges and to support their 2024 talent strategy.  Below are five tips for developing your social media calendar in December and finish out 2023 strong, setting up your hiring teams up for success in 2024:

Feature HIPO Employee Testimonials

Featuring high-potential employees in your marketing has two benefits:  

- It gives you an opportunity to “reward” employees who demonstrate your core values and attributes, increasing their engagement and building loyalty.  

- Your organization will have authentic messaging and insights from your most engaged workforce to share with the talent market.    

Encourage your employees to share these stories with their network.  Their connections may be highly relevant for your organization and individuals will be drawn to the stories of their former colleagues or acquaintances wanting to be part of an organization that recognizes their talents.

Celebrate 2023 Wins & Year-End Gatherings

Showcase the teams that contributed to key successes and call out their accomplishments.  Feature your current employees and internal opportunities they’ve gained with your organization and capture teams in year-end celebrations.  Show that your organization celebrates successes and recognizes teams when they make a difference.  This is another way to increase internal engagement and show the culture organically at your organization.

Look-Forward Strategy

Share information about upcoming projects, expansions, or new initiatives that will create opportunities for career growth within the company. Make it clear that your organization is forward-thinking and invested in the professional development of its employees. Create dynamic content calendars that continue these stories for Q1, ensuring a vibrant start to the new year with innovative ideas and strategic plans.

Open Evergreens & Build Pipelines

Advertise for critical and high-volume needs you know you’ll need in Q1.  You can open evergreen requisitions for 30–45-day increments and link to those positions in media blasts capturing these candidates so you can communicate with them.  Be transparent in the advertisements that you are looking to hire in Q1 so candidates are not misled.  Be sure to connect with them through drip campaigns ensuring they stay engaged with your employment brand and are interested when you’re ready to start hiring in Q1.

Metrics and Analytics

Use analytics tools to track the performance of your social media recruitment efforts to date. Craft a story by analyzing your data to understand which platforms, content types, and strategies are yielding the best results. Be prepared to adapt your strategy based on changes in algorithms, user behavior, and emerging platforms.

Bonus: Importance of Recruitment Marketing Strategy

Grace Kraemer from Aspirant Recruitment Marketing partners with our clients to develop and execute their recruitment marketing strategy.  She believes the connection between talent acquisition and recruitment marketing is an important component to supporting and driving your talent strategies.  She says,

“Recruitment marketing has evolved into an indispensable strategy in today's dynamic workforce landscape. In the competitive realm of talent acquisition, recruiters and hiring teams are actively adopting every viable approach to gain a strategic advantage and secure top-tier candidates. This collaboration not only enhances the overall recruitment process but also cultivates a powerful employer brand, positioning organizations as sought-after employers in the eyes of potential candidates.”

Take Advantage

Many companies make their bonus payments in Q1 of the following year.  December is a key time to capture the eye of people who are looking for new opportunities where they can make an impact and for your organization to build that network of future talents.  Capitalize on the end-of-year “quiet time” by creating a buzz for what’s to come in 2024 for your organization and use this opportunity to build relationships with potential candidates and lay the groundwork for successful hiring in the coming year.