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Holiday Hiring in Manufacturing: Why It's Time to Accelerate, Not Brake

Holiday hiring data from FactoryFix shows a unique opportunity for recruiters to accelerate efforts during the holidays when applicant numbers rise and competition falls by over 55%.

As the holiday season draws near, a pattern emerges within the manufacturing industry—a tendency to pull back on recruitment efforts amid the belief that job seekers are less likely to be actively seeking new opportunities. However, this year, FactoryFix's data from October 1, 2022, to January 31, 2023, debunks this myth, presenting a compelling narrative for why recruiters should, in fact, ramp up their efforts.

From the onset of the holiday season to the new year, FactoryFix data reveals a noteworthy trend: while applicant activity demonstrates a gradual but marked increase, culminating in a substantial uptick by January, recruiter activity plummets by over 55%. The contrast is striking—with applicant submissions steadily flowing in, the data suggests a clear opportunity for proactive recruiters to take advantage.

There seems to never be enough candidates to go around. In fact, the National Association of Manufacturers’ Q3 Quarterly Outlook Survey indicated that 72% of manufacturers cited the inability to attract and retain employees as their top primary challenge. That’s not surprising. Neither is the fact that throughout the year the demand for manufacturing talent exceeds the supply of talent by a significant margin.

For two months in the year, though, there are enough candidates to go around.

The graph below illustrates this opportunity clearly:

This divergence offers a golden opportunity for sharp recruiters. The months of November and December, traditionally seen as a time for winding down, are actually ripe for recruitment. With less competition, each recruitment action taken during these months can have a magnified impact. Smart recruiters will recognize the advantage of staying engaged when others dial down, capitalizing on the steady stream of applicants and the significantly reduced competition.

Manufacturing workers' behaviors differ significantly from their office counterparts during the holidays. While office workers may wind down, manufacturing professionals often remain active and open to new opportunities. This distinction is vital. With reduced competition, recruiters who maintain or increase their presence on platforms like FactoryFix are more likely to capture the attention of motivated job seekers.

This proactive approach not only positions you to tap into a rich talent pool but also sets the stage for a robust start to the new year. When others are just beginning to regain momentum, you'll already be ahead, with a roster of qualified, eager candidates ready to join your team. The message is clear and data-backed: the holiday season is not a time for recruitment hibernation but for strategic acceleration. By keeping your recruitment engine in high gear on FactoryFix, you're not just filling roles; you're building a competitive edge for 2023.

Let this holiday season be marked by a recruitment revolution in the manufacturing industry. Embrace the data, recognize the trends, and transform what was once a period of slowdown into a time of significant strategic gain. The evidence is before us; let’s finish 2023 strong!

About the Author

Mike Schaefer is the Senior Vice President of Revenue at FactoryFix. With 15 years of experience in sales and leadership, he leads all revenue generating aspects within the company. He has been instrumental in the design and execution of FactoryFix's go-to-market strategy, introducing the market to recruitment automation technology and helping thousands of HR professionals and recruiting specialists in the manufacturing industry save time, build candidate pipelines faster, and improve headcount capacity.