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How CECO Environmental Solved Their Candidate Pipeline Issue and Saved Money in the Process

Facing a lack of qualified candidates for their manufacturing roles, CECO Environmental wanted to seek out new recruitment solutions. Enter FactoryFix.

Do you ever find yourself saying, “There just aren’t enough qualified candidates for our roles”? You aren’t alone – It’s a common problem among manufacturing recruiters today. One that Charity Smith, Corporate Recruiter at CECO Environmental, is deeply familiar with. That was how she and her team felt in early 2022 before they found FactoryFix. 

We had the opportunity to speak with Charity to learn how FactoryFix helped CECO Environmental solve their candidate pipeline problem and (bonus benefit) save them money in the process.  

The Problem

Before FactoryFix, Charity and her fellow recruiting team used a variety of recruiting resources and tools, including staffing agencies. But they weren’t happy with the return on their investments. Open jobs weren’t being filled fast enough due to low candidate flow, and there was the irritating issue of evaluating whether candidates were actually qualified for the positions they applied to. They knew they needed to seek out a better solution. 

The Solution

CECO Environmental’s Vice President of HR had previously heard of FactoryFix and suggested to the Talent Acquisition Director that we may be worth reaching out to. 

While they did explore other platforms during their evaluation period, ultimately, the team chose FactoryFix; Charity elaborated, “Indeed was a top platform we were looking into. But when we compared them to FactoryFix’s specialization in manufacturing for the types of roles we needed to fill and the cost of the investment, they didn’t compare to what FactoryFix offers.”

With FactoryFix as their top pick, it was time for Charity’s team to get to work filling their many open roles

The Results

There was a brief adjustment period for Charity and her fellow recruiters, albeit good, as it pushed them to a higher standard of communication with candidates. “I needed to adjust the frequency of my communication with candidates to stay on top of everyone. We’d get so many applicants to our jobs through FactoryFix, and we didn’t want to leave them hanging,” Charity shared.

Finally, the team had a recruiting solution in place that enabled them to fill their candidate pipeline and get their open jobs filled fast. But the improvements to their process didn’t stop there. 

The team was impressed by FactoryFix’s AI-powered candidate screening capability. Applicants automatically receive a set of pre-screening questions via text that helps recruiters filter out those who are unqualified or disinterested. Charity had this to say, “TalentEngage has been amazing at pre-screening every applicant, so I only need to focus my time looking at candidates who are a strong match across my roles. This has been a very helpful solution to the daunting and tedious task of reviewing all applicants’ resumes.”

The cherry on top was when Charity realized she no longer had to use staffing agencies to help fill her open jobs. The candidate pipeline was consistently strong and afforded her and her team great success in hiring quality candidates. 

Looking Ahead

Fast forward ten months, and CECO Environmental continues to see great success with the FactoryFix platform. 

“Before FactoryFix, there was never enough candidate flow from the platforms we used. Now, we continue to get an abundance of candidates who are almost all qualified for the positions they apply to,” Charity happily stated. 

She continued, “FactoryFix is an excellent platform. I cannot say enough good things about my experience. I’ve already spoken to several people about how it’s changed the way I recruit for the better. When it comes to candidates, you get quantity and quality with FactoryFix. Their team works well with your budget and is always open to new suggestions.”

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