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How NFI Found Qualified Maintenance Technicians Using FactoryFix

NFI Industries, a leading supply chain solutions provider, partnered with FactoryFix to overcome challenges in hiring qualified maintenance technicians for their locations in Virginia and Maryland, resulting in a more efficient and effective recruitment process.

NFI Industries, a leading carrier in the United States with over 90 years of history, faced challenges in finding qualified maintenance technicians for their locations in Virginia and Maryland. Matthew Cayruth, a recruiter for NFI's eastern sector, was among those who experienced these difficulties firsthand while trying to fill maintenance technician positions in his assigned region.

Despite using various job portals and their company website, NFI struggled to find the right candidates for their maintenance technician positions, particularly in the Williamsburg, Virginia area. That's when they decided to partner with FactoryFix, a platform that specializes in connecting manufacturers with skilled workers.

"Since our partnering with FactoryFix, we have been very successful in bringing in qualified candidates and moving them along via their resume to our service managers for interviews," said Cayruth.

One of the key advantages of using FactoryFix, according to Cayruth, is the ability to include unique screener questions tailored to their specific requirements. This feature allows NFI to screen candidates more effectively, saving time and ensuring that they only engage with the most qualified applicants.

Cayruth gave FactoryFix a high grade compared to other platforms highlighting the manufacturing-focused advantage, stating, 

"What I do like about this is that it is mainly targeted to the candidates that we're looking for. And that has proven to be very successful. Because by the time we get a chance to speak to the candidate based on the automatic screening questions, they know exactly what we're looking for. So by doing that, it really cuts down on the time consumption of trying to find a qualified candidate. And so that has made it much easier for us as recruiters, to not go in blind."

The results speak for themselves. In Cayruth's particular area, Williamsburg, Virginia, which he described as one of the most challenging markets for recruiting maintenance technicians, NFI has seen significant success. "At one point, we needed three maintenance technicians. And right now, I have hired one, I have two in the pipeline, so FactoryFix has definitely been good for that," Cayruth shared.

For NFI, the ultimate measure of success is retention. By using FactoryFix to find candidates who understand exactly what the company is looking for and match them with the right opportunities, NFI has been able to improve its retention rates and build a stronger workforce. As NFI continues to expand its use of FactoryFix to other locations, Cayruth is confident that the platform will continue to deliver results. With FactoryFix as a partner, NFI Industries is well-positioned to overcome its hiring challenges and continue its success as a leading supply chain solutions provider in North America.

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