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How Serigraph 3X’d Its Candidate Pipeline with FactoryFix

Serigraph, a Wisconsin-based print manufacturer, significantly enhanced its recruitment process by partnering with FactoryFix, tripling their candidate pipeline and streamlining candidate engagement and selection.


In the competitive landscape of the manufacturing recruitment market, attracting a high volume of qualified candidates is a significant challenge. Serigraph, a print manufacturer based in Wisconsin, faced this exact dilemma until they partnered with FactoryFix. Amanda Derks, Recruiting Business Partner at Serigraph, shares her journey with FactoryFix and the transformation it’s brought to their recruitment process.

The Challenge

At the forefront of talent planning, Serigraph's recruitment team, led by Amanda, was struggling with declining candidate volumes using traditional resources such as Indeed and their career’s page. Their need for a more efficient and effective recruitment solution was becoming increasingly urgent, particularly in a market where skilled manufacturing professionals are in high demand. 

The Solution: FactoryFix

FactoryFix presented an innovative solution, tailored for the manufacturing sector. Its focus on manufacturing and its expanding network near Serigraph's headquarters in West Bend, Wisconsin made it an ideal choice for Serigraph. Amanda Derks noted the immediate impact of FactoryFix on their recruitment process, particularly in terms of candidate volume and engagement. Benefits such as no longer needing to text candidates from her personal cell phone, which was an inconvenience in her recruiting process. 

The Impact 

Integrating FactoryFix into Serigraph's recruitment strategy led to three significant improvements:

  1. 3X Increase in Applicant Volume: One of the most striking outcomes was the dramatic increase in candidate applications. Amanda shared, “After trying FactoryFix, we observed an increase in our applicant volume, particularly when we refreshed our job postings. We experienced a leap from about 22 candidates to 78. ” This boost was not only impressive in her eyes but also crucial in maintaining a steady influx of potential candidates. Not only were there more candidates, but they were also higher quality than what she had been receiving on other sources. 
  2. Enhanced Candidate Engagement: FactoryFix’s automated texting feature facilitated immediate and direct communication with candidates, significantly improving engagement. “For myself personally, I try not to go more than 12 to 16 hours after an application is received on normal business days before responding or reaching out to that candidate so the ability to engage that quickly after their application has really added a lot of value,” Amanda mentioned. This feature proved vital in a competitive job market where prompt communication can be the difference between securing or losing a potential hire.
  3. Streamlined Recruitment Processes: FactoryFix’s responsive and intuitive system streamlined the entire recruitment process, making it more efficient and manageable. This was particularly beneficial given the high volume of candidates and the need for swift, organized interaction. She was able to pick out the most qualified candidates which led to three hires just in their first month using the platform! 

Amanda's Perspective

Amanda credits FactoryFix for its direct impact on her recruitment efficiency. As someone who is at the forefront of talent management and talent acquisition at Serigraph, Amanda believes FactoryFix has been a big help in securing more talent that aligns with their company culture, values and growth ambitions. While the results have been impressive, she also looks forward to potential ATS integration for further enhancement of their recruitment workflow, something that FactoryFix has been extensively working on. 


Serigraph's experience with FactoryFix is a testament to the power of targeted recruitment solutions in specialized sectors. By tripling their candidate pipeline and enabling more effective candidate engagements, FactoryFix has equipped Serigraph with a significant competitive advantage in the manufacturing industry. The platform's ability to adapt to the specific needs of the manufacturing sector, coupled with its innovative features, marks a positive change as this organization moves into the new year.