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A Production Supervisor (also known as a Production Manager) in charge of a manufacturing floor.

Top Interview Questions for Production Supervisors / Managers

To become a Production Supervisor or Manager, you need to show your interviewer that your prepared & have experience. Check out common interview questions & sample answers to practice!

Production Supervisors play a critical role in manufacturing. They often oversee production lines worth millions of dollars. To become a Production Supervisor (also known as Production Manager), you’ll need to pass the interview and show the hiring manager that you’re capable, efficient, and a good communicator. 

Here are some of the top interview questions you may be asked during your interview, as well as a few sample answers. By preparing for these questions, you’ll have a better chance of getting the job!

Production Supervisor / Manager Interview Questions

  1. Describe your management experience.
  2. What’s your management style?
  3. What qualities are necessary to be a good supervisor?
  4. Tell me about your experience handling large teams.
  5. Do you have experience with manufacturing equipment? Are you comfortable learning how to operate new machines?
  6. How do you ensure that strict production deadlines are met?
  7. What systems would you use to meet production goals?
  8. What’s your experience with lean manufacturing?
  9. Explain six-sigma.
  10. What would you do if critical machinery malfunctioned while trying to meet a deadline?
  11. You notice product quality issues. What do you do?
  12. How would you handle an employee who wasn’t following safety protocols?
  13. How would you handle two hardworking employees who didn’t get along?
  14. What’s the process for reporting workplace injuries? 
  15. What are your thoughts on overtime?
  16. What are your salary expectations?

Production Supervisor / Manager Interview Answers

What’s your management style?

Production supervisors may be in charge of dozens of employees. The interviewer wants to see that you’re a leader who can manage a group. They also want to make sure you aren’t just going to wing it, but instead adopt a management style that gets results.

Sample answer: I believe it’s essential to set clear expectations for my team members without micro-managing. I also try to create a positive work environment where people feel appreciated and respected. When problems arise, I work with my team members to find solutions that lead to success for all involved.

How do you ensure that strict production deadlines are met?

Don’t be afraid to give a detailed answer here. Tight deadlines are common in this industry, and your manager needs to know you’ll come through when things get tough. Similar to the previous sample answer, you’ll want to take the opportunity to show that you have a plan in mind for different challenges that may arise.

Sample answer: I believe that communication is critical in meeting deadlines. I develop a schedule and ensure that my team members are aware of it. I also keep an open line of communication so that if there are any issues, we can address them right away. Additionally, I try to build buffer time into the schedule in case of any unexpected delays.

You notice product quality issues. What do you do?

Not everything will turn out perfect in life, and your production line is no different. Problems are guaranteed. Are you someone who panics, or do you stay calm and look for a solution? Show the interviewer that you can handle these situations without missing a beat.

Sample answer: I work with my team to find out the issue and how we can correct it. Sometimes there are problems with the machinery that needs to be fixed. Other times, people may need more training or clarification on their roles. Once we identify the problem, we can develop a plan to fix it and get back on track.

How would you handle an employee who wasn’t following safety protocols?

Safety is always the top priority in any production setting. You must show that you take it seriously and will not tolerate any negligence. Hiring managers will want to know that you’ll run your production line with a firm hand.

Sample answer: I would first talk to the employee to see if there was a reason why they weren’t following safety protocols. Maybe they didn’t understand the procedures or were having difficulty with the equipment. Once I identify the problem, I would work with them to find a solution. If the issue persists, then I would take disciplinary action as necessary.

What are your thoughts on overtime?

Overtime is a necessary part of the job for production supervisors, and your interviewer wants to know if you’re okay with working long hours when needed. This will be a chance to show the interviewer that you don’t mind going the extra mile. Setting boundaries is important as well, so be sure to stick up for your own needs, too.

Sample answer: I don’t mind working overtime when it’s necessary. I understand that sometimes we require overtime to meet production goals. However, I also believe that it’s crucial to maintain a healthy work-life balance. So, if possible, I try to schedule overtime when it won’t impact my personal life too much.

The above questions and answers will help you prepare for your interview. However, if you want more personalized assistance, our team at FactoryFix can help. Our job board boasts a growing number of positions for skilled professionals. You can also schedule an appointment with our Career Coach appointments to work on your resume and get a more personalized experience in your job hunt.