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Shifting the Paradigm in Manufacturing Recruitment: How this VP of HR fueled rapid growth with FactoryFix

HOP Energy transformed its recruitment challenges into successes by leveraging FactoryFix, which delivered pre-screened, highly interested candidates, streamlining the hiring process and fueling company growth.

In today’s fast-paced recruitment landscape, finding quality candidates is more challenging than ever, especially in specialized sectors like manufacturing. This challenge was no stranger to HOP Energy, a company that specializes in heating oil and propane delivery, as well as servicing heating and cooling equipment.

The Growing Recruitment Challenge:

As HOP Energy rapidly expanded operations, they struggled to find enough skilled technicians to meet demand. Recruiting roles like CDL drivers and HVAC technicians proved especially difficult. These positions require specific licensing and hands-on skills. With the energy industry booming, competition for talent was fierce.

After months of ineffective recruiting through job boards and headhunters, HOP Energy was still coming up short on critical hires. As VP of Human Resources and Labor Relations, Dan Zebrowski managed the recruitment function. The constant shortage of skilled workers was impacting HOP Energy's ability to deliver on its growth.

Discovering FactoryFix:

Everything changed when HOP Energy integrated FactoryFix into their recruitment process. The result? A significant influx of quality candidates. FactoryFix, with its specialized focus, managed to deliver candidates who were not just skilled but also keenly interested in the job opportunities that HOP Energy had to offer.

The FactoryFix Difference:

Traditional job sites like Indeed and LinkedIn gave Dan plenty of applicants, but few were properly skilled or seriously interested. He had to put in a lot of effort contacting and screening each candidate to find viable options. FactoryFix flipped the script. Instead of candidates having to take extra steps to engage, FactoryFix made it easy for them to connect on their phones. This built much higher quality engagement from talent during their free time.

FactoryFix also pre-vets candidates to perfectly match qualifications, experience and interest for each role. This removed the need for Dan to dig through unfit applicants himself. In just two weeks, FactoryFix delivered 9 interested, qualified CDL candidates – far more than Dan found before. After three weeks, he had 14 strong options and hired 3 top people. This immediately sold Dan on FactoryFix. 

The Results Speak Volumes:

With FactoryFix, Dan spends less time evaluating candidates because they come pre-screened with the exact skills and experience needed. The tool’s specificity and mobile-based approach have been complete game-changers.

For HOP Energy, FactoryFix finally provided the hiring edge needed to fuel their growth. The company plans to expand its use for both technical and administrative roles.

In Conclusion

FactoryFix offers more than just a recruitment solution; it offers a transformative experience both for recruiters and candidates. It revolutionizes the recruitment paradigm, making it engaging, efficient, and effective. For HOP Energy and professionals like Dan Zebrowski, it's not just a tool; it's a trusted recruitment partner.

If you're ready to revolutionize your recruitment process and connect with the best in the manufacturing sector, start your free trial with FactoryFix today. Discover firsthand the difference a specialized recruitment platform can make.