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FactoryFix Redesigned: Simplified sourcing for more of your open roles

We want you to get more out of FactoryFix for every minute you spend in it by making it easier to discover quality talent for any open position.

With so many roles to fill, we know you don’t have enough hours in the day to dig up all the promising candidates you need for all of your open roles. With an experience now centered on unifying your hiring needs, the new FactoryFix helps you:

Quality candidates for ALL your jobs

We’re simplifying jobs and talent search into one seamless experience. Quickly add new jobs with just the title and location and immediately see matching candidates in our talent pool. Unlock and reach out to the top candidates, or activate FactoryFix’s Copilot on the role for added support sourcing, engaging, and qualifying candidates.

By bringing everything together around your jobs, we want to set you and your team up to source quality candidates from our network across all your hiring needs, not just the ones you’ve supercharged with FactoryFix’s sourcing automation.

A Copilot to supercharge sourcing

Activate FactoryFix’s Copilot to discover qualified and interested candidates effortlessly. Copilot gives you superpowers by sourcing candidates, getting them excited about the role, and drawing out deeper details around their qualifications so that you have everything you need to act quickly. When Copilot’s activated, you can focus on converting candidates → hires while Copilot supports your top of funnel sourcing needs.

One place to quickly review and act on every candidate

Conversations has undergone a revamp, unifying the review and management of interested candidates into a single view. Candidates that you unlocked and messaged can be managed in the same place as those sourced by FactoryFix, streamlining your connections with all your active candidates. And we’re layering on an improved filter system to help you quickly hone in on and engage the right candidates, making it easier to get more qualified candidates into your interview pipelines.

Redesigned for efficiency

The look and feel of the platform have been transformed to make finding and hiring people smoother and more straightforward. This change isn't just about looks; it's about making everything easier to find and use, so you can work faster and with less hassle. We want a clean and simple experience that’s all about making your job more enjoyable and more productive

The new FactoryFix is on its way

With these changes, we want you to get more out of FactoryFix for every minute you spend in it. By bringing everything together to remove frustrations, FactoryFix enables you to easily connect with those high-potential candidates for all your hiring needs. With tools tailored to simplify your sourcing processes, the redesigned experience equips you to work more productively and drive momentum.

The updates will start rolling out soon, reaching all customers over the next few weeks. We can’t wait for you to experience the new FactoryFix yourself! In the meantime, contact us to learn more about the changes or get answers to any questions.