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The Manufacturing Recruiter's Dream: How FactoryFix Finally Solved the Impossible Search

For two years Anna and her team at Rockwell Automation tried to fill a key engineering position with no luck, she trialed FactoryFix thinking nothing would change, what happened next changed her recruitment strategy forever.

The Challenge: Filling a Niche Role Proving Impossible through Conventional Methods

Anna Carlson, a senior talent advisor at Rockwell Automation, was at her wit's end. For two long years she had been trying to fill a highly specialized engineering role requiring a rare mix of niche skills. This position was for a remote Field Service Technician in the rural Midwest, making qualified local candidates few and far between.  

Despite exhausting all conventional recruiting platforms, Anna could not find the perfect fit for the job. She had gone through countless unqualified applicants, wasted hours trying to coordinate interviews via clunky email chains, and was feeling increasingly defeated in her search. Anna decided it was time to try something revolutionary to turn the tide.  

The Solution: FactoryFix's AI-Powered Platform with Automated Screening

Enter FactoryFix, an AI-powered recruiting platform designed to help manufacturing industry HR and talent acquisition professionals identify and engage with top talent in the industry. The promise was that FactoryFix could transform the hiring process through automation and seamless communication with its network of over 1 million manufacturing candidates.

With nothing to lose, Anna signed up for a trial and created a targeted job posting optimized with FactoryFix's built-in recommendation engine. Right away, she noticed a difference.

FactoryFix’s AI-powered text messaging and screening capabilities allowed Anna to connect instantly with applicants, bypassing the endless email tag that had hampered her past efforts. This was especially valuable when communicating with field engineers in remote rural regions who are less likely to be behind a desktop computer or checking their email throughout the day.

“Using text messaging with the candidates just really sped up the process of finding the right fit," Anna recalled. "Everyone's on their phone nowadays versus emailing back and forth."

But it was FactoryFix’s AI-powered screening questions that truly helped Anna find a needle in the haystack. With customizable questions tailored to the role's unique technical requirements, Anna could quickly filter out unqualified applicants earlier in the process. This freed up precious time to focus on candidates who checked all the boxes.

The Results: Higher Quality Candidates and Filling the Impossible Role

"The automated screener questions helped me drastically shorten the screening process by weeding out applicants not aligned with the job description from the get-go,” Anna explained. “It made sure I wasn't wasting effort interviewing people lacking the niche engineering skills needed for this tough position."

Now armed with a focused target list, Anna scheduled interviews and used FactoryFix’s tracking dashboard to monitor progress. Although still in the trial phase without full metrics integration, Anna saw positive momentum building. FactoryFix yielded a steady influx of promising applicants over previous platforms. And after just a few months, success - Anna finally landed the perfect candidate to fill the impossible-to-fill role!

How FactoryFix Improves Recruiting

Anna unequivocally recommends FactoryFix to fellow recruiting professionals struggling with difficult searches. “FactoryFix is able to get quality candidates that other platforms haven't for us," she confirmed. When asked about favorite features, the AI-powered SMS qualifying questions topped the list for revolutionizing the screening process. As for dislikes? Only that she didn't have MORE job slots to leverage FactoryFix! 

Anna's story showcases how advanced tools like FactoryFix, with AI and automation at their core, are disrupting legacy recruiting models. By leveraging technology, recruiters can work smarter, move faster, and nail even elusive candidate matches once deemed impossible. The future looks bright for talent acquisition as innovators like FactoryFix steer the industry toward new horizons.

Want to Revolutionize Your Own Recruiting Process?

If you're a manufacturing industry recruiter struggling with hard-to-fill roles, Anna's story shows that FactoryFix could hold the solution. Sign up for a free trial today to experience the benefits yourself - automated screening with qualifying questions, seamless communication via text messaging, and access to a network of over 1 million manufacturing candidates. You have nothing to lose and hiring success to gain! 

Remember, Anna started with a simple trial as well and ended up filling her impossible job opening. Let FactoryFix work its magic for your organization too and take your recruiting to new heights through the power of AI. The future of talent acquisition is technology-driven - be sure to harness innovations like FactoryFix to get ahead of the curve and achieve recruiting excellence.