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FactoryFix has redesigned the job posting system on its site.

FactoryFix Launches Redesign for Job Posting Process

FactoryFix launched a full redesign to make job posting, screening, and recruiting easier than ever. Find manufacturing employees quickly and efficiently!

Product Update: Job Posting Redesign

At FactoryFix, we take pride in offering tools for manufacturing employers that make recruiting quality candidates simpler. We recently released a substantial redesign of the job posting process, with several updates to make posting a job and screening candidates easier than ever! Here's what's new:

Add custom screening questions to your jobs

You can now set up custom screening questions for your jobs to quickly vet applicants and provide an effective way for you to quickly filter down to the most promising applicants:

When a skilled pro applies to your job, we automatically reach out with your questions and add the responses to their profile:

Spend less time wading through bad fits. Focus only on the best of the best with custom screening questions.

Flexible formatting for job descriptions

Make your job posting stand out with custom formatting. Add details about what makes your company great. Highlight key points with options to bold and italicize text as well as bullet and numbered lists.

Formatting can make your postings stand out better and better speak to your company’s style. Our new features give you the tools to lay out your opportunities the way you want.

Clone jobs for quick posting

Quickly duplicate a job to copy descriptions and key details to a new position. This is great for posting a role for multiple locations or different shifts. Spend less time posting your jobs, and more time connecting with qualified candidates.

Factory Fix aims to give manufacturing job seekers and employers the access they need to find success. Learn more about our employer services or request a demo today to find out how we can find you new recruits.