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Why KMM Group Relies on FactoryFix for Sourcing Top Manufacturing Talent

KMM Group's HR Director, Michelle Martin, shares her story of transforming recruitment challenges into success with FactoryFix, driving growth and operational efficiency.

This week we sat down with Michelle Martin, HR Director at KMM Group. Like many HR leaders in the manufacturing industry, Michelle was in search of a solution to her hiring headaches. Michelle found FactoryFix nearly 2 years ago and hasn’t looked back. Keep reading to learn more about how Michelle’s expectations were exceeded and how challenges turned into avenues for growth and operational excellence.

Michelle's remarkable journey at KMM Group, evolving from a receptionist to the HR Director over 18 and a half years, reflects her dedication and skill. As her roles changed, so did her responsibilities, especially in recruitment and talent acquisition. Managing these responsibilities single-handedly KMM’s HR department posed significant challenges.

Challenges in Manufacturing Recruitment

KMM Group's main recruitment challenge lay in sourcing qualified candidates for specialized, skill-intensive manufacturing roles. The task involved dealing with large volumes of applicants, many of whom were unqualified or disengaged, all while adhering to tight deadlines and budget constraints. Conventional job platforms like LinkedIn or Glassdoor were not as effective, particularly in the specialized manufacturing sector.

The partnership with FactoryFix marked a pivotal change. Michelle chose FactoryFix, attracted by its focus on manufacturing recruitment. The platform's AI-powered SMS screening and engagement technology stood out, enabling fast and efficient communication with applicants.

Impact of FactoryFix

With FactoryFix, KMM Group saw a significant improvement in its hiring process. The platform's user-friendly interface required minimal training and allowed for quick adaptation. Its cost-effectiveness was a major plus, aligning well with KMM Group's budgetary considerations.

A key advantage for Michelle was FactoryFix's quick engagement with candidates. The platform’s ability to initiate contact within minutes of application submission was crucial in connecting with potential hires promptly in a competitive market. 

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FactoryFix didn't just excel in functionality but also in customer service. Michelle praised the responsiveness and flexibility of the FactoryFix team, highlighting their adaptability to her busy schedule and their prompt support.

KMM Group's recruitment successes with FactoryFix include filling several challenging positions in CNC machining and CNC programming. These roles, difficult to fill using other platforms, were efficiently matched with qualified candidates via FactoryFix.

Continued Partnership and Advocacy

Michelle Martin remains a strong advocate for FactoryFix. She continues to recommend FactoryFix in her professional network, acknowledging its crucial role in KMM Group's recruitment success.

FactoryFix has been more than a solution for KMM Group – it has been a transformative force. In Michelle’s view, it embodies the effectiveness of a targeted recruitment platform in the manufacturing industry. FactoryFix is essential for companies like KMM Group, aiming to navigate the complexities of recruitment with efficiency and success.

Explore how FactoryFix can revolutionize your recruitment process. Try FactoryFix for free or connect with us to learn more and embark on a journey toward efficient and effective hiring.