Customer Story

How Ambient Enterprises Scaled Their Recruitment of HVAC Techs with FactoryFix


Ambient Enterprises is a leading provider of HVAC sales, service, and parts across the East and West coasts. As the company rapidly expanded through acquisitions, they found themselves in need of a better way to recruit skilled HVAC technicians at scale. We chatted with Grete Gillern Manager of Talent Acquisition and Development at Ambient Enterprises and got a sense for the challenges her organization was facing in the sourcing process: 

"Previous to using FactoryFix, it was almost solely word of mouth referrals and our partnerships with technical schools," said Grete Gillern, Manager of Talent and Development at Ambient Enterprises. "That was putting the sole focus of hiring really on the hiring managers."

Without a centralized recruitment sourcing process, Ambient struggled to build a qualified pipeline of candidates for their open technician roles across their growing number of subsidiaries. Grete knew they needed to find a solution that could take their recruiting efforts to the next level.

Gaining Access to a Candidate Pool of Qualified Pros

In early November 2023, Ambient Enterprises partnered with FactoryFix to help source qualified HVAC technician candidates at scale. The impact was immediately apparent.

"From that time to the end of the year, we were able to bring on six techs, including one that was a first hire in a new region," said Grete. "Previous to that, it was going from zero outside hires to six in a little over a month and a half!"

Rather than reactively backfilling roles through word-of-mouth, Grete could now proactively source from a talent pool of pre-vetted manufacturing candidates on the FactoryFix platform.

"Having access to this candidate pool was really a huge difference," Grete said. "We were able to bring in more talent and actually have candidates to choose from."

A Recruiting Partner That Understands Manufacturing

For Grete, one of the biggest benefits of using FactoryFix was the platform's manufacturing focus and expertise. As an industry-specific hiring solution, FactoryFix understands the skills required for HVAC and other industrial trades.

"Usually when you are using a third party recruiting tool, sometimes the gap in understanding hurts the employer brand or you waste time with unqualified candidates," said Grete. "With FactoryFix, these are qualified candidates that I can speak to very quickly about how the hiring process works best for them."

By partnering with a recruiting platform built specifically for manufacturing and skilled trades hiring, Ambient Enterprises accelerated their time-to-hire while ensuring they identified candidates who were a great fit.

Looking Ahead to Further Growth

As Ambient Enterprises continues to grow, the company is looking into rolling out FactoryFix more broadly across its other subsidiaries. Grete has been sharing their positive experience with division leaders on the West Coast who are struggling to hire technicians across a large geographic region.

Grete is also excited about recent improvements to the FactoryFix platform: "The UI looks great - it's definitely an improved look."

With an industry-leading hiring solution in their recruitment tech stack, Ambient Enterprises is well-positioned to efficiently scale their workforce of HVAC technicians to meet demand as they continue their expansion. Are you struggling to find talent for your technician roles? Book a meeting with us and explore how we can address your manufacturing hiring struggles