Customer Story

How FactoryFix Drives Recruiting Success for CMC

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The Challenge

Commercial Metals Company (CMC) is a well-established firm specializing in manufacturing and recycling. Given the vastness of their operations, one of their key challenges is recruiting top talent, particularly in specialized roles like engineering and technical positions, across multiple locations. Like many other companies, they relied heavily on platforms like LinkedIn and Indeed, but still faced challenges in tapping into the right talent pools. 

The Partnership

Two years ago, the talent acquisition team at CMC, responsible for Southeast divisions and other areas, was approached by FactoryFix. Intrigued by FactoryFix's unique offering, CMC decided to give it a trial run for recruiting truck drivers—a role they were finding particularly hard to fill. The results? Immediate and impactful. Seeing quick and successful hires from the trial, CMC entered a corporate agreement with FactoryFix. 

The Experience

CMC's experience with FactoryFix was overwhelmingly positive. The platform's user interface was straightforward, making posting jobs hassle-free. Even more impressive were the immediate results they saw from their postings. "Either same day or next day results," raved Jon Strouch, a Talent Acquisition Specialist at CMC.

Strouch was thoroughly satisfied with the quality and volume of applicants coming through FactoryFix. The platform effectively reduced the time spent on database searches, enabling the team to fill more positions efficiently and quickly.

“From our trainee roles to engineers we’ve made many hires from using FactoryFix and see a value in that as well. Our time-to-fill benchmark is 90 days and my average is well below that so FactoryFix is helping me do my job better.” 

Uncovering New Pools of Talent

One of the most compelling aspects of FactoryFix's platform was the different pool of candidates it could tap into. "Your software and algorithm find people that we would never even know were looking and interested in working for CMC," the recruiter noted. The platform was also particularly effective in states like New Jersey, where sourcing candidates for roles like electricians and mechanics had been a significant challenge.

Looking Ahead

FactoryFix is more than a one-time fix; it's an ever-evolving platform. With the addition of AI-generated job descriptions and screener questions, CMC's talent acquisition team is eager to see how these enhancements will further streamline their recruiting process. "It's just going to change the way that I do my job. We're just going to have to adapt to it," the recruiter shared when asked about the prospect of AI in recruiting. Strouch was optimistic that the changes would be for the better.

Conclusion: Excitement for the Future

Commercial Metals Company's collaboration with FactoryFix addresses their recruitment challenges head-on, offering a solution that not only makes the process efficient but also reaches untapped talent pools. As FactoryFix continues to innovate, CMC is excited about the future of their recruiting endeavors, further solidifying this successful partnership.

It's not just another tool in the tool belt for CMC; it's a game-changer.