Customer Story

How Smurfit Kappa Transformed Maintenance Hiring with FactoryFix

Applicant Volume

Smurfit Kappa, a global leader in paper-based packaging solutions, faced a persistent challenge in recruiting skilled maintenance professionals for their manufacturing facilities. Despite having a robust applicant tracking system (ADP) and leveraging popular job boards like Indeed, Regional HR Manager Rudolph Jones has struggled to find qualified mechanics and maintenance technicians to keep their operations running smoothly.

"Maintenance roles are always in high demand, and we simply weren't getting enough applicants with the right skills through our existing channels," explained Jones, who oversees HR for three Smurfit Kappa sites in Texas. "We needed a way to expand our reach and connect with more of the specialized talent we were seeking."

Unlocking a Wider Talent Pool

That's when a colleague introduced Jones to FactoryFix, a recruiting platform built specifically for the manufacturing industry. Intrigued by its focus and the potential to access a larger pool of maintenance talent, he decided to take FactoryFix for a test drive.

"During the trial period, I was blown away by the sheer volume of skilled maintenance professionals on the platform," Jones recalled. "So much so that I couldn't keep up with all the applicants at first! But it gave me a chance to explore the system and see how it could help us address our hiring needs."

Just two months into using FactoryFix, Smurfit Kappa has already reaped the benefits. They've hired two maintenance technicians through the platform, with a third offer pending. But it's not just about quantity - the quality of candidates has improved as well.

Intelligent Candidate Matching

One key factor is FactoryFix's AI-powered candidate matching and ranking. The system analyzes candidate profiles, skills, and engagement levels to surface the most qualified and interested applicants. This helps Jones and his team avoid wasting time on candidates who aren't truly viable or invested in the opportunity.

In the past, Jones and his team often found themselves chasing candidates who had applied but weren't responsive or serious about the role. However, with FactoryFix, they can now quickly identify the candidates who are actively engaged, allowing them to focus their energy on moving the hiring process forward with the most promising applicants.

Jones is confident that FactoryFix will continue to enhance its ability to deliver qualified candidates quickly, making the hiring process even more efficient and effective. 

A Ripple Effect of Success

For Smurfit Kappa, the benefits of FactoryFix extend beyond any single role. It has transformed their entire approach to maintenance hiring, providing a streamlined and scalable solution. The time savings alone have been substantial, enabling Jones and his HR team to be more strategic and proactive in their talent acquisition efforts.

Impressed by the results, Jones has become an evangelist for FactoryFix within Smurfit Kappa. He has referred several other locations to the platform, knowing it can help them overcome similar challenges. 

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