Customer Story

How This Recruiter Turned Around His Hiring Strategy with FactoryFix


Matt Doyle, a seasoned recruiter at CanPack, has witnessed positive change in the company's hiring process since integrating FactoryFix. Previously stuck using outdated traditional recruiting methods, Matt's transition to FactoryFix was initially met with skepticism. However, the platform's efficiency quickly converted him into a strong believer and advocate. 

“I'll be the first one to say I was not sold on it in the very beginning. Are you telling me that there's a whole bunch of forklift operators sitting out there just waiting for us to find them? There's no way. But it turns out there are. So my experience has been one of becoming a believer as I get a ton of candidates coming my way every week.”

Recruiting and Retention Struggles

CanPack, with its first U.S. plant established in Pennsylvania among 18 global locations, faced significant challenges in its startup phase. The need to quickly transform inexperienced workers into proficient craftsmen was urgent. The pre-FactoryFix era was marked by hopeful but somewhat unvetted hiring, leading to high turnover rates and operational headaches.

FactoryFix’s introduction marked a new era for CanPack, allowing the company to navigate the competitive manufacturing job market more effectively. The platform's proactive approach in finding candidates contrasted sharply with the passive, hope-driven strategies of the past. Matt highlights the transformative impact FactoryFix had, not just in increasing candidate volume, but in enhancing the quality of applicants, allowing CanPack to be more selective in its hiring process. 

Streamlined Communication

The platform's most striking benefit, as noted by Matt, has been its communication capabilities. To him it's Reminiscent of the simplicity and accessibility of an AOL chat room, FactoryFix facilitates immediate engagement with candidates. This feature aligns perfectly with the instant feedback culture prevalent among job seekers today. Matt recounts the ease with which he now connects with potential hires, contrasting sharply with the outdated, paper-laden processes he was using before. The real-time, digital interaction not only speeds up the recruitment cycle but also ensures a more personal connection with each candidate.

“(The texting feature) is just very accessible. It's there on my desktop and I can talk to the folks whenever I need to and I know that they're getting it on their phone. So it's whenever they have a free second also. That's been my favorite part about it is that I know I'm not bugging anybody.”

Influx of Quality Applicants

Reflecting on the tangible outcomes, Matt mentions a significant influx of applicants, citing figures like 200 applicants for five roles in a single month. This surge has not only filled long-standing vacancies, such as machinist positions, but also provided a wider talent pool for roles like forklift operators, traditionally hard to fill despite their high demand.

In Matt’s words, FactoryFix has become an indispensable "sidekick" in the recruitment process, streamlining workflows and synchronizing the schedules of recruiters and candidates alike. He emphasizes the platform's role in enabling rapid engagement, a crucial factor in capturing the attention of today’s fast-moving job seekers.

As CanPack continues to evolve and expand, the partnership with FactoryFix stands as a testament to the power of embracing technological solutions in the recruitment landscape. Matt’s journey from skeptic to believer underscores a broader shift in the manufacturing sector, where traditional methods give way to innovative, efficient, and people-centered approaches.

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