Customer Story

ImageFIRST Finds Top Maintenance Talent with FactoryFix


ImageFIRST, the largest national linen rental and laundry service company serving the healthcare industry, has experienced remarkable growth in recent years. However, finding qualified maintenance technicians for their specialized equipment proved challenging using traditional recruitment methods.

Marcella Misnik, Talent Acquisition Specialist at ImageFIRST, shares, "Historically, hiring for our maintenance positions has always been a bit of a struggle. The traditional recruiting methods or job boards we used before partnering with FactoryFix often fell short in connecting us with the type of talent we needed, due to the specialized niche of our industry."

That's when they turned to FactoryFix.

Discovering FactoryFix

The ImageFIRST team discovered FactoryFix through an organic recommendation from an associate a part of their Field HR Team. Marcella recalls, "We had no idea what FactoryFix was, but after doing some research, we saw that they had a specialized focus on the maintenance industry and finding maintenance professionals. We thought it could potentially provide a solution to our challenge."

The decision to incorporate FactoryFix into their recruitment strategy proved fruitful. "Since partnering with the FactoryFix team, our journey has been incredible. The collaboration has been more rewarding than we ever anticipated, surpassing our initial expectations," Marcella affirms.

Key benefits ImageFIRST has experienced with FactoryFix include:

"FactoryFix has enhanced not only the quality of our candidate flow but also the quantity. The speed of the hiring process has certainly been quicker as well," Marcella notes. "We have this platform where we can directly message candidates if we feel they are a good fit, and they are readily accessible."

Emphasizing Quality

ImageFIRST remains committed to finding the right people for the right roles while upholding their unique, family-oriented culture. "We want to ensure that anyone potentially joining our team will add to, if not maintain, our culture," Marcella emphasizes. "We are willing to stretch our time-to-fill metrics as long as we find the hire that meets the needs of our team and culture."

Adapting to FactoryFix's new interface has been smooth, with Marcella appreciating its aesthetic, condensed information, and user-friendliness. She commends the FactoryFix team, stating, "If we needed advice, they were always there to lend a helping hand. It's been an awesome addition to our recruitment strategy, and we're eager to maintain the momentum going forward."

With FactoryFix as a valued partner, ImageFIRST is well-equipped to find the skilled maintenance professionals they need to support their continued growth and success in the healthcare laundry services industry.