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Powering Up Recruitment: How Powell Industries Found Success with FactoryFix

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The Challenge

As an established manufacturer of integrated solutions and electrical equipment for commercial and industrial markets, Powell Industries is always on the lookout for skilled and dedicated talent for their US production plants. With headquarters in Houston, Texas, the company specializes in products that monitor and control the distribution of electrical power. However, finding the right people for high-skilled, specialized roles such as industrial maintenance technicians and welders can be a challenge in today's competitive market.

Angie Booth, Talent Acquisition Manager at Powell Industries, knew that traditional recruiting methods weren't yielding the quality candidates they needed. "We were struggling to find people with the right skills who would stick around," she explains. "We needed a better solution."

Discovering FactoryFix

The partnership began when Halle from FactoryFix reached out to Powell Industries. "It started with Halle calling me and chatting with me about FactoryFix. And we had a problem in Ohio and she helped us," recalls Angie. Over 2 years later, Powell is one of FactoryFix’s longest tenured customers and has been using it in their priority locations in Texas and Ohio with great success. 

Kelli Cooper, a recruiter at Powell, was impressed from the start. "FactoryFix brings quality candidates for our hardest to fill roles," she says. "We've been very happy with the results." 

For Kelli, one of the key features that set FactoryFix apart was its texting functionality, which allows recruiters to communicate quickly and easily with candidates. "The texting feature is the best part," she said. "People don't check email as much anymore, so being able to reach out via text has greatly improved our response rates."

Quality and Speed

FactoryFix's engaged candidate filtering has also been a game-changer for Powell. By highlighting candidates who are actively responsive and committed to their job search, the platform helps recruiters focus their efforts on those most likely to be a good fit. As a result, Powell has seen time-to-fill for their hardest to fill roles decrease by nearly half.

But it's not just about speed - quality is crucial as well. Angie emphasizes the importance of finding candidates with the right attitude and drive, not just technical skills. "I mean, besides just having the specific skills for each given position, it's attitude, commitment, initiative, drive and a candidate and just eagerness to learn the business, learn the job, how it may relate to the specific industry or whatnot," she explains.

FactoryFix's platform helps recruiters better assess these qualitative factors by providing more seamless communication and opportunities for candidates to demonstrate their interest and engagement. As Kelli notes, "Even with that text feature, it's kind of showing their level of how committed you are to looking for a job?" This allows Powell to identify candidates who not only have the right skills but also the right mindset to thrive in their organization.


While there are still challenges in today's competitive market, FactoryFix has proven to be a valuable resource for Powell Industries in finding skilled and dedicated candidates. The platform's industry-specific features and commitment to quality have helped Powell connect with the right talent to drive their business forward.

For other manufacturers struggling to hire in a tight labor market, Powell's experience offers a compelling case for giving FactoryFix a try. By leveraging the platform's industry-specific features and commitment to quality, companies can connect with the right talent to drive their business forward.