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The Key to Solving Re:Build Manufacturing's Hiring Struggles

Lack of Quality Candidates for Technical roles
Great matches have Skyrocketed πŸš€


Re:Build Manufacturing is an ambitious startup on a mission to revitalize advanced manufacturing in the United States. Founded by former Amazon executive Jeff Wilke and led by CEO Miles Arnone, Re:Build is taking an innovative "brain to box" approach - handling everything from engineering design to full-scale production for hard tech products.

In just three years, Re:Build has rapidly grown through strategic acquisitions of small to mid-sized manufacturers and engineering services firms across the country. Their next major milestone is the renovation of a 175,000 square foot former Alcoa plant in New Kensington, PA into an advanced manufacturing facility, with plans for more factories like it nationwide.

As Re:Build scales up operations and hiring, a key challenge has been attracting specialized manufacturing talent for roles like machinists, technicians, and engineers with niche technical skills. "The pool is pretty shallow in the areas where we have businesses right now," explained Bill Chouinard, Re:Build's Head of Talent.

Traditional job boards like Indeed, Linkedin, and ZipRecruiter were falling short, driving application quantity but lacking the candidate quality Re:Build needed. "Spending a lot of time looking for somebody that might be okay, but not great," as Bill put it. That's when they turned to FactoryFix.


"Since we've engaged with FactoryFix, the number of hires we've made that are received as great matches has skyrocketed," Bill raved. "That contrast from 2022 to 2023 is stark in a very positive way."


Following their positive experience, Re:Build has doubled down on FactoryFix for 2024 hiring across all their manufacturing roles and locations. Bill encourages his team to leverage FactoryFix's specialized focus and expertise across their vertical.


"FactoryFix has found a way to deliver on a market that is desperately important to us," Bill said. "This is a great product, great platform. Other manufacturers should take a long hard look if they're not already using it."


By partnering with FactoryFix, Re:Build has successfully sourced the high-quality manufacturing talent they need to scale up world-class production capabilities and lead the manufacturing resurgence in America.

As Bill summarized, "We want this ecosystem in manufacturing to grow. We don't want to be the only successful manufacturing company in the U.S. That's how we win it domestically."

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