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Why this HR Generalist Relies on FactoryFix for her Recruiting Efforts

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When it comes to solving complex hiring challenges in the specialized field of metal recycling, Real Alloy turns to FactoryFix, the industry’s most-trusted recruitment platform. In this case study, we hear from Recruiter Lisa Hoyer and Senior Talent Acquisition Manager Natalie Gdula on how FactoryFix has revolutionized their talent acquisition process.

Real Alloy operates 16 advanced recycling facilities in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. As pioneers in metal recycling, they utilize innovative furnace systems to meet demanding industry standards. The roles they often need to fill are not just jobs, but critical positions: maintenance technicians, machine operators, production supervisors, and other key personnel who keep the plants running smoothly.

Lisa Hoyer's Success with FactoryFix:

Lisa Hoyer isn't just an HR Generalist and Recruiter at Real Alloy; she's a hiring powerhouse, and, astoundingly, she credits 99% of her successful hires to FactoryFix.

Top-tier Candidates: When it comes to quality, FactoryFix has raised the bar. Lisa notes that the candidates sourced through FactoryFix are often more specialized and better aligned with Real Alloy’s needs compared to the tools they’ve used in the past.

Efficiency in Screening: Lisa is particularly fond of FactoryFix's AI-powered SMS screening. This game-changing feature turns hours of initial candidate screening into mere minutes, saving her time, and allowing her to focus on more important tasks.

User-friendly Interface: Lisa commends the intuitive design of FactoryFix. With an easy-to-navigate interface, she can effortlessly manage the recruitment pipeline, which gives her more time for candidate engagement.

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Natalie Gdula's Endorsement:

Natalie Gdula, the strategic mind behind Real Alloy’s talent acquisition efforts, also sings FactoryFix's praises.

Fresh, Vetted Talent Pool: Natalie appreciates FactoryFix's proprietary network of candidates. With FactoryFix, she is no longer limited to the often stale, overfished talent pools of traditional job boards.

Prompt Responses Through Automated Screening: She notes that FactoryFix's automated text screenings are not just another feature but an integral part of their success with FactoryFix . The result? Increased candidate engagement and faster time-to-hire metrics.

Collaborative Partnership: Natalie has also found FactoryFix to be a collaborative partner, responsive to feedback and committed to continually refining and optimizing their platform to meet Real Alloy's unique needs.

The verdict is clear from both Lisa and Natalie: FactoryFix isn't just a tool; it's an integral part of Real Alloy's talent acquisition strategy.

In the ever-competitive world of industrial recruitment, FactoryFix is emerging as a monumental force. Just ask Lisa and Natalie, who can testify to the platform's unparalleled capabilities in sourcing, screening, and hiring top-tier talent.

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